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Elementz Magnesium Oil is Zechstein Inside® certified. It is also notified with the Malaysian Ministry of Health (KKM).

1ml of Elementz Magnesium Oil = approximately 103mg elemental magnesium.
1ml Elementz Magnesium Oil = approximately 10 drops.

Magnesium Oil is a highly concentrated solution of Magnesium Chloride in water. It is called an oil only because of the "oily" texture of the brine. Magnesium Oil is one of the most easily absorbed forms of elemental magnesium which can be both consumed orally and applied topically. In fact, it is said that you can absorb it even quicker through the skin as it won’t have to go through your digestive tract.

If you are already taking an oral Magnesium supplement, just know that are probably are absorbing only 20-50% of it at best.  And if you increase your dosage too much, you are most likely to end up with a case of diarrhea. This is what sets Magnesium Oil apart from all other forms of magnesium supplementation as Magnesium Oil is efficiently absorbed transdermally (through your skin).

Through the skin, you completely eliminate any possibility of loose stools. If consuming orally and this occurs, just reduce your dosage. Magnesium Oil is a great way of regulating your bowels; we have only heard positive feedback about it from those who suffer from irregular bowel movement or constipation.

Transdermal or topical application is the one method of Magnesium Oil consumption that can be used for those from birth to any age only because babies or others may not like the taste. If applying to broken skin or sensitive areas, we suggest that you dilute the magnesium oil with pure water before application. We recommend a two pronged approach when taking Magnesium Oil, that is to take it both orally and to apply it transdermally in order to achieve optimum results.

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